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    • Several basic problems of three-level power network planning of transmission network-distribution network-microgrid


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      Abstract:According to the development trend of power system and many practical problems facing power industry at home and abroad, this paper puts forward an important basic problem of the future power grid (integration of three networks including transmission network, distribution network and microgrid) planning and design, and further proposes the research thinking of developing the concepts and methods of complex network theory to be thereby applied to the planning and design of the new three-level power network. This study involves three basic subjects: one is the macroscopic morphological and conceptual design of the three-level power network; the second is the basic theory framework of the three-level power network structure; the third is the three-level power network planning method based on self-organized criticality (SOC) theory. This paper comprehensively illustrates the urgency and necessity of the planning and construction of three-level network, and definitely points out that the three-level network will be one of the main development directions in the future power grid.

    • Siting and sizing of distributed wind generation under active management mode


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      Abstract:A novel bi-level programming model for siting and sizing of distributed wind generation (DWG) under active management(AM) mode is put forward in this paper, which breaks the "fit and forget" installation policy of distributed generation in the passive distribution network. The model takes the maximum expectation of DWG net benefit as the upper level program objective, and takes the minimum expectation of generation curtailment as the lower level program objective. The impact of active voltage management algorithm on improvement of branch power flow and node voltage is taken into account. The plant growth simulation algorithm (PGSA) combined with probabilistic optimal power flow (POPF) algorithm is employed to solve the optimal planning of DWG under AM mode. The case studies have been carried out on a 33-node distribution network, and the results verify the effectiveness of the proposed method.

    • Research of electric network planning with wind power integration considered


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      Abstract:Considering the special characteristics of wind power, electric network planning with wind power integration has been carried out and new planning models are presented in this paper. According to the policy of energy saving & emission reduction and renewable energy promotion, wind energy exploitation indexes and energy saving indexes to evaluate the planning models are also proposed. The example analysis results show that the proposed models is valid.

    • A backward step by step method for multistage transmission network planning


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      Abstract:Based on the characteristics that the line to be elected would not be constructed during the planning or would be constructed in a certain stage and exist in the follow-up stages in the multistage transmission network planning (MTNP), a backward step by step method, which determine the lines to be elected according to the validation index from the highest stage to the first one, is proposed to get the multistage transmission network planning scheme. The example analysis results show that the proposed method is feasible and effective.

    • Planning of urban power network lifeline project


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      Abstract:Security assurance of urban power network lifeline project is one of the crucial issues in power network planning. Following an introduction of power network lifeline project, this paper proposes a planning scheme based on the urban power network lifeline project to fulfill requirements on dealing with emergency and assuring secure power supply, according to common shortages in land and power transmission hallway in power network planning. The Jiangyin power system is studied as an example system to analyse advantages of the proposed planning scheme of the power network lifeline project.

    • Multi-period dispatch of interruptible loads by intelligent optimization algorithms


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      Abstract:Application of intelligent optimization algorithms to the multi-period interruptible load dispatch problem is discussed in this paper. Multi objectives, such as minimizing the interruption payments and interruption frequency, can be included in the proposed interruptible load dispatch model. The characteristics of different interruptible loads are also considered. Numerical simulations using discrete binary particle swarm optimization(BPSO) and the genetic algorithm(GA) show that the BPSO has a performance on convergence and precision than that of the GA. Thus the BPSO presents better potentials in solving the interruptible load dispatch problem.

    • Power suppliers' decision-making model for interruptible load with early notification option


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      Abstract:In the interruptible load management (ILM) of power systems, customers' shortage cost could be significantly reduced by early notification of curtailment. An optimal decision-making model for the ILM with an early notification option is introduced and its analytical solution is presented using stochastic optimization theory in this paper. Numerical simulations show that the power supplier' expected profit can be improved by the ILM. Furthermore, the ILM with an early notification option can achieve larger expected profits for power suppliers as compared to the ILM without an early notification option. In addition, the larger the difference between consumers' loss in early notification interruption and interruption close to delivery time, the more valuable the early notification option. As a result, the power supplier would purchase more interruptible loads, and can get a larger expected profit. These results also validate the reasonableness and effectiveness of the proposed model.

    • AHP and TOPSIS method based spatial electric load forecasting


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      Abstract:The core question of spatial load forecasting is the load density selection. The existing methods to obtain load density can hardly satisfy the accuracy requirements in actual projects. The theory of AHP and TOPSIS is introduced to calculate load density, which not only adopts the theory of AHP to determine the weigh of evaluation indicators, but also makes use of the TOPSIS to standardize and caculate the sorting for evaluation indicators. The influence factors of load density is quantitied to choose the appropriate load density by the theory of AHP and TOPSIS, and based on this, the method of similar degree is used to modify the load density. The model and the method proposed in this paper were used in a large number of actual projects. Results showed the model and the method can calculate the load density quickly and maintain a certain precision. They are suitable to the spatial load forecasting in actual projects.

    • Application of improved discrete grey model in medium-long term power load forecasting


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      Abstract:Discrete grey model (DGM) is introduced into the field of power load forecasting to solve the problem of load fast increase causing forecasting results error. Based on the reseaeh of the initial value sensitivity and the data pretreatment, the improved DGM is proposed in this paper. The DGM ( 1,1 ) and the improved DGM ( 1,1 ) are applied in the medium-long term load forecasting for some typical practical examples. The forecasting results show that the DGM is applicable, and the improved DGM has higher forecasting accuracy.

    • Amethod for city power load saturated analyzing


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    • >名家主持:电力系统规划
    • Enlightenment from Japan's industrialization process to China's characteristics of power consumption in the context of energy-saving and emission reduction


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      Abstract:Considering the energy-saving and emission reduction (ESAER) policy, the Chinese industrialization process is analyzed with the Hoffman's theory in this paper. In order to find the enlightenment from Japan's industrialization process, comparison analysis of industrial structure and power consumption structure between China and Japan are carried out in an intuitive and qualitative way. Then the two countries' power consumption structures are compared in a quantitative way with the isomorphism index of power consumption structure defined. It is concluded that the power consumption structure in a particular area is determined by the industrialization stage in this region. Finally, the electricity intensity in the industrial sector and in the whole society for the two countries are compared. It provides the forward-looking insights for the implementation of ESAER in China.

    • >科学研究
    • Correlation function based superconducting quench detection


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      Abstract:A quench detection method based on correlation function phase difference is proposed for high temperature superconductor in this paper. Using band-pass filter to separate the fundamental voltage and current signals from the measured signals, the harmonics interference in the correlation function is eliminated. Then the correlation operation for fundamental voltage and current signals is Carried out, the phase difference is measured, and the superconducting quench detection sensitivity and anti-interference capability are thus improved significantly. MATLAB simulation results show that this method is with feasibility and high accuracy

    • Voltage stability margin indexes based reactive power compensation node selection for power system


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      Abstract:Based on the conditions of simple alternating current circuit steady operation, three states of critical voltage collapse are discussed and the voltage stability region is shown with figures in this paper. By calculating the voltage stability margin indexes of each branch of power systems, the branches facing critical voltage collapse can be found. When SVC are installed at the end of these branches, the voltage and voltage stability margin indexes are all improved. Simulation results for the IEEE power system case with 5 nodes shows that, after VAR compensation to these weak voltage nodes, the reactive power can be balanced, the voltage quality and the stability of system can be improved.

    • Dielectricloss factor measurement based on correlation analysis


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      Abstract:The accuracy of dielectric loss measurement based on harmonic analysis algorithm is greatly influenced by the frequency fluctuation. Based on correlation analysis, a kind of new dielectric loss measurement system is presented in this paper. And the method can effectively eliminate the influence of initial phase angle and spectral leakage. Simulation results show that this method can remarkably improve the accuracy and stability of dielectric loss measurement.

    • Distribution network losses estimation method with distributed generators considering


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      Abstract:A distribution network losses estimation method for urban and rural distribution system planning is proposed with distributed generators considering in this paper. Firstly, according to the objective distribution system annual plan and the system construction and renovation principles, each distributed genera- tor is treated as a equivalent source, and the Medium Voltage(MV) network loss is estimated for the current and target year based on an extended equivalent resistance method. Secondly, considering the transformers supply areas, the field equivalent resistance data for annual year are respectively used to calculate the corresponding Low Voltage (LV) network loss. Finally, combining with the High-Voltage (HV) network loss calculated by the conventional power flow algorithm, the theoretical whole distribution system power loss is estimated for distribution system planning. One county distribution system case in Guizhou is carried out, and results verify the effectiveness and practicability of the proposed method.

    • Square sum root method based non-sinusoidal power definition


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      Abstract:Power measurement or reactive power compensation depends on the definition of active and reactive power in present power systems where harmonics cannot be neglected. Three important deficiencies of the existing non-sinusoidal system power definition are pointed out, and the square sum root method based single-phase non-sinusoidal power definition is proposed in this paper. The method remedies the traditional power definition deficiencies, has definite physical meaning. It is proved that the proposed definition can be used for sinusoidal circuit analysis, and makes the sinusoidal circuit to a special case of the definition. The definition is a theoretical guidance for power measurement and reactive power compensation.

    • >技术应用
    • Treatment process and analysis of Yi-yang Taojiang power grid fault on may 12


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      Abstract:The ground stud of the Taoxiao line with power cut and repair was melt in the Taojiang Power Grid of Yixang power bureau due to the Taowu line single-phase earth fault on May 12, 2009. The fault recording data is analyzed, and the fault simulation is carried out in this paper. The reason of ground stud melting is the high grounding resistance of substation. Some available measures for preventing this kind of incident are also proposed.

    • Substation grounding analysis in integrative land utilized area


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      Abstract:对城市综合用地变电站接地进行了分析,认为变电站接地网应该与周围建筑物接地网相连,利用建筑物接地网降低接地电阻,并使跨步电压更加均衡、安全和可靠.并以南方某市110 kV城市综合用地变电站为实例,完成接地网设计.

    • >技术应用
    • Influence of small power sources connecting to distribution networks on automatic devices and its countermeasures


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      Abstract:The influence of small power sources connecting to distribution networks on automatic devices is analyzed in this paper. The solution method with automatic backup power source transfer and accident separation is proposed. Some specific solutions for typical wiring diagrams are presented. The effectiveness of the solutions has been analyzed and verified in a variety of accident cases. Based on distribution automation technologies, the network automatic backup power source transfer and accident separation system is designed.

    • Intelligent evaluation system for substation simulation training


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      Abstract:An intelligent evaluation scoring system based on expert system and weight function theory is presented in this paper. The system aims at replacing training teacher in the substation operation training courses. It is flexible application in all kinds of substation operation trainings, such as summarizing equipment inspection, switching operation and accident handling, and gives students a comprehensive, objective assessment. Further more, the system uses the power quality indicators as intelligent assessment criteria, which makes the evaluation system judgment more objective. This scoring system holds outstanding practical value for the engineering training in the substation simulation software.

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